1. Whitespace of top margin 35px.
  2. Whitespace between logo and first navigation is 40px.
  3. Whitespace between navigation elements is 50px.
  4. Whitespace between buttons and the last navigation item is 120px.
  5. Whitespace between the two buttons is 14px.
  6. Font size is 18px.
  7. Active object navigator 3px & 50px.


Header with navigation

  1. Bottom margins 40px.
  2. Top margins for breadcrumb menu 26px.
  3. Bottom margins for breadcrumb menu 26px.
  4. Whitespace between navigation item and arrow icon 23px.
  5. Whitespace between arrow icon and second item in hierarchy is 9px.
  6. Font size of breadcrumb element is 16px.



Scrollable header

  1. Whitespace between icon and text is 15px.
  2. Dimensions of navigation item is 120px.
  3. Whitespace between text field and button is 33px.

Side navigation

  1. Whitespace of active item in navigation 10px in both sides.
  2. Hight and width of the navigation item in the block 98px & 120px.

Slide menu

  1. Whitespace of content  blocks 16px
  2. Whitespace 40px
  3. Whitespaces in text blocks 18px
  4. Whitespace between each item block 20px
  5. Whitespace between item list and call to action button 40px