First impressions matter a lot. To the extent that one study revealed that on an average mobile apps lose 77% of its daily active users within 3 days post-install. Regardless of how intuitive and user-friendly the experience is, it is fundamentally difficult to get users do stuff. Users are hard-won. Relevant onboarding and explainers help us achieve user acquisition to a good degree.

Some user cases where right amount onboarding and explaining is needed:

  1. Quick and engaging “How it works” – For time and energy intensive interactions and tasks that need sustained attention and sustained use of cognition, it is recommended that before the user starts carrying out the task, he/she is onboarded with a quick “How it works”.
  2. Establish credibility by explaining on benefits – When it comes to services, the benefits need to be clearly stated. Engaging visuals with to-the-point explainers help build the credibility by being upfront about “What’s in it for the user
  3. New features – Explainers for the new features that need significant exploration from the users’ side need to be designed engaging.
  4. User retention – Engaging onboarding helps cement the value of services in the user’s mind. By being relevant in presenting services and explaining benefits,  we increase chances of a new user becoming a repeat user. 

Onboarding examples

1. Establish credibility by explaining the benefits – Add a business to the directory