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Through the Visuals Section, we are going to express the core fundamentals basis which built the entire design. by deeply understanding the Visuals section content and Guidelines, you can easily build new components and elements.

  • Characters

    (3 Sections)

    Characters used in the website

  • Colors

    (1 Sections)

    Brand colors, Gradients and more.

  • Effects

    (3 Sections)

    Shadows, Gradients and more.

  • Grid System

    (2 Sections)

    Grid System and Spacing.

  • Icons

    (2 Sections)

    Icons and symbols.

  • Layouts

    (1 Sections)

    All Posible Layouts.

  • Typography

    (2 Sections)

    Font family, sizes and more.

  • Visual Assets

    (1 Sections)

    Visual Assets, images, artworks and more.